Annual Raffle

The River Hills / Lake Wylie Lions Club Annual Benefit Dinner occurs on one of the first Saturdays in October and features silent and live auctions. This year, our famous “reverse auction” returns. The Dinner is at the River Hills Country Club and is open to the public.  It is an evening where we open our hearts and checkbooks to help fund one of our most important charities – The River Hills/Lake Wylie EMS. The evening usually has over a hundred well dressed party-goers merrily contributing to our historic goal or raising a significant portion of the Emergency Squad’s operating budget.

Upcoming Annual Benefit Dinner

October 21 at 11:00 AM Drawing helt at the Bagel Boat

Events include:

Reverse Raffle

This raffle is for prizes but the best prize awaits the very last ticket holder. As the raffle gets down to the last few hopeful winners, they are encouraged to bargain considering sharing   the prize vs. holding out as a sole winner. If they choose to go as a shared group winner,     the auction still proceeds to learn who would have been the single grand prize winner.

Live Auction

This is as much about entertainment as fundraising. The bidding is spirited, egged on by a professional auctioneer, and frequently the competitive bids rise just because of ego and not common sense.

Silent Auction

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